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Hear What Our Employees & Contractors Have To Say About Empire Today

Hear What Our Employees have to say

At Empire Today, our goal is to commit to career development, longevity and excellent customer service. Further, we are as dedicated to securing lifelong employees as we are to securing lifelong customers for our Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring products. We’ve found that our dedication to excellent customer service attracts positive, motivated people that make Empire Today a great company to work for.

For more information to help you decide whether or not you would enjoy working for Empire Today, please read through some of the feedback we have received from our employees and contractors.

“Working with Empire Today Sales for about 4 years now I have to say that they really give you the tools to excel in the sales field. I feel that I learn something new everyday.”

Jeremy Heimler, Sales Team Minnesota

“I am a carpet installer for Empire Today in Houston area. I think that they are a great company with flexible hours as I have 5 kids that have varying schedules.”

Julio Gonzeko, Installation Team Houston Texas

“Empire Today is just great to work for. I have been working in the Dallas area for 2 years now and my trainer, Installers and managers are all just great. They make it really easy to work for, its so much fun I sometimes feel guilty for being paid to work here.”

Luck Hilmerthnoy, Sales Team Dallas Texas

“One great thing about Empire Today is that the good word gets around. If my customer is pleased with my service and the products they buy, there’s a pretty good chance they are going to tell a friend or a neighbor and next thing you know, I’ve got new customers.”

-Bob Sacamano, Installation Team New York

“I like the community aspect of selling for Empire Today. I not only get to meet the homeowners, their kids and even their pets, I often meet their friends and neighbors too. It’s a great way to network. I feel more involved. I know more about what’s going on.”

-George Baque, Sales Team New York

“One of the nice things about selling for Empire Today is that I can offer some of the best products in the industry. I have whatever my customers want, whether it’s a great looking solution that’s super affordable or a selection that’s top of the line and really luxurious.”

- Rodney Roberts – Sales Team Dallas” to the testimonials

“I’m a people person. I enjoy getting to know my customers and helping them solve their decorating problems. Every room or space has its own issues and requirements. And every homeowner has their own likes and dislikes. That all keeps my job at Empire Today very interesting. Each situation is different.”

- Anil Kumar Nayyar – Baltimore

“I enjoy meeting with customers each and every day. I have good taste and when they see how I can coordinate the products Empire Today offers with their colors and styles, they know they can trust me to help them find the right solution.”

- Tara Loveless, Sales Team, Portland

“What I like about working with Empire Today is the flexibility it offers me as an independent contractor. Business is good, the company is growing and there are plenty of customers. I can be as busy as I want to be.”

- Steven Breitrick – Sales Team Hartford” to the Testimonials

“I’m very excited to be at Empire Today. I feel like I can really advance my career here and continue to learn new things. The company is growing and I can grow with it. There is a lot of opportunity.”

- Ron D., Empire Today Senior Director of Market Research & Media               Strategy

“As a Sales Representative for Empire Today, I enjoy the best of both worlds. I get to work for myself as an independent contractor and I have the support of a big, reliable company behind me and what I sell. It’s a perfect fit.”

- Joe W., Empire Today Sales Team

“At Empire Today, I’ve found that all of my previous managerial experience and education are put to full use, day in and day out. With so many exciting products and with our customers literally flooding into our system via phone calls and the internet every day, the job is easy to be excited and optimistic about.”

- Gina C., Empire Today Marketing & Communications Team Member

“Empire Today is dedicated to quality — quality products, quality service, and even quality people. It’s great to come in every day knowing I’m surrounded by people I can trust to do a great job, and who trust me to do the same.”

- Mark M., Empire Today Information Technology Team Member

“It feels great knowing that I’m helping people do something nice for themselves every time I pick up the phone. When people are ready to buy new flooring or window treatments, they’re usually in a good mood and excited about the future.”

- Angel M., Empire Today Customer Care Team Member

“I love being an Empire Today Sales Rep. I get to visit people in their homes, get to know them, and show them Empire Carpet and other Empire Flooring products. It’s never the same routine, and my work is never boring.”

- Jim M., Empire Today Sales Representative

“As a Web Content Administrator for Empire Today I get to update, maintain and create new online sites. The I.T. team I work with has well trained associates in this field and they have trained me exceptionally well. Lastly, It has been and continues to be a great experience working with cutting edge web technologies here at Empire Today. I would recommend Empire Today as a possible career started to anyone I know that is looking for a job”

- Dan C., Empire Today Web Content Administrator

“I’ve always been a very outgoing person. That’s why I love being an Empire Today Sales Rep. I like meeting new people and sharing in the excitement as they pick out new looks for their homes.”

- Elan S., Empire Today Sales Representative

“As an installer for Empire Today, I have the best of both worlds: I’m my own boss, owning my own company, but I’m also a part of a large, national company with great products and an excellent reputation.
Any way I look at it, I win!”

- Kevin S., Empire Carpet Professional Installer

“Being an installer for Empire Today means I get to do what I do best — install Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring, and serve customers right in their homes. Empire Today takes care of the selling and the appointment making. All I have to do is do what I love, which is work with my hands and take care of my crew.”

- Mario A., Empire Today Professional Installer

“I’m very satisfied working for Empire Today. I enjoy working with people and helping them find quality products for their homes. The company stands behind everything we sell which gives me and my customers confidence.”

- A. Jones, Philadelphia Sales

Empire Today is not only passionate about securing customers for life, but also employees and contractors for life! Finding a job as a full or part-time sales representative or installer is both easy and rewarding.

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Hear What Our Employees & Contractors Have To Say About Empire Today

At Empire Today®, we’re as dedicated to creating lifelong employees as we are to creating lifelong customers for our Empire Carpet and Empire Flooring products. We’ve found that our dedication to excellent customer service attracts positive, motivated people that make Empire Today a great company to work for.